Navaja con presilla de cuero MAM Sportive 2047


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he brand of the Portuguese knife manufacturer MAM was founded in 1870 by Manuel Antonio Martins. The 5th generation of the family is now continuing his work in the company. It is therefore a family business with a strong reference to tradition. Production takes place directly in Portugal and still contains a high proportion of handwork. The quality of MAM knives is underlined by the fact that the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty on its products. . Unique is, for example, the safety of folding knives, which is very functional and reliable. The steel for the production of knives comes from Germany. In addition, it contains elements such as silicon, carbon, molybdenum and vanadium to achieve the best possible properties. Its hardness then reaches 57 – 59 degrees Rockwell scale. The wooden handle of the folding knives gives the user a specific feeling completely different from knives with a plastic handle.


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Navaja con presilla de cuero MAM Sportive 2047 - Herramientas de camping

Navaja con presilla de cuero MAM Sportive 2047


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